Offer 1% of your taxes to volunteer rescuers!

  • If you are a tax resident in Hungary, you can offer 1% of your yearly income tax to a non-profit organisation of your choice and another 1% to a registered religious organisation. 
  • These 1+1% are deducted from the amount of tax you have to pay and do not mean additional expenses for you
  • You have to explicitely let know the tax authority what to do with your 1% tax, they will remind you or decide for you. You have until May 20 of each year to do this. 


Who are we?

learn more about Central-Buda volunteer civil protection association

How can you support us with 1% of your personal income in Hungary?

Online donation of 1% tax

  • If you have an online access to the government portal you should:
  • log in
  • select a 1 +1% declaration form
  • enter our tax number: 18252903-1-43
  • make sure that you see “KÖZÉP-BUDAI ÖNKÉNTES POLGÁRI VÉDELMI EGYESÜLET” in the “Organisation” field
  • submit the form

Donation via tax report form

  • If you do your taxes by sending paper forms via post or in person you should:
  • download the file below
  • print it out
  • fill it out – it has English translations for all the fields
  • send it in together with your other tax report

Alternatively, if you would like to fill in this form online and you are OK with Hungarian-language webpage, you can fill in the form via this link and then print it out.